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Welcome to the "Thai Listening Exercise" format!

Through this program, you can enhance your listening abilities by tuning into colloquial dialogues of locals conversing in everyday situations. Let's practice comprehending the Thai language and casual conversational style.

Process of each lesson

  1. Discuss quickly a given picture and assume what is happening.
  2. Listen to a Thai dialogue with slow and clear speech
  3. Go through vocabulary with extensive related words
  4. Break down each sentence with a clear explanation
  5. Learn 3 grammar notes

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This content is a component of the A1 Thai Listening Exercise Course. Should you wish to enroll in the online course, we are pleased to extend you an exclusive 40% discount (Apply the coupon "FRIDAY40"). This offer is only available to students who participated in the Intermediate Thai on Friday Program.

Download the worksheet (5 lessons)

Thai Dailogue 1_Thai on Friday.pdf
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