Chapter 1.2: Sentence Structure

Chapter 2.2

Hi nák-rian,

Have you practiced Quizlet chapters 1/1 and 1/2? If yes, let's continue to a new lesson. In this video lesson, you will learn Thai Grammar about "Sentence Structure" which is a core knowledge to help you construct sentences on your own. It's very important to learn how to construct a sentence properly from the beginning of your Thai learning journey. So. let's get started!

New Vocabulary

Pizza = /phíd-zâa/ พิซซ่า

To eat = /kin/ กิน

To come = /maa/ มา

Summary on sentence structure

  1. Statement = Subject + verb
  2. Negative = Subject + ไม่ (mây) + verb
  3. Question = Subject + verb + ..... + ไหม (mǎy)

In reality, Thais like to skip the subject when talking casually. However, I would highly recommend you to ALWAYS mention the subject and stick to the sentence structure rules as much as possible to avoid any misunderstanding when starting to learn Thai.


  • ไหม (mǎy) has a rising tone and it's a question word while ไม่ (mây) falling tone is a negation, not.
  • ไหม (mǎy), a question word, can be replaced by มั้ย (máy) with a high tone in spoken language.

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