Chapter 2.1: Food, Drinks and Animals

Chapter 2.1

I will introduce you to the essential daily vocabulary - Foods, Drinks, and Animals. Besides most essential verbs are provided with several examples. If you are ready, let's start. /rûem kan!/

Adverbs for quantity

  • มาก mâak = a lot / very
  • นิดหน่อย níd-nòy = a little bit

Please make sure that these two adverbs use to modify a verb or adjective and put them at the end of the sentence.

For example:

  • ฉันชอบหมามาก chãn chôob mãa maak = I very like dogs.
  • ฉันพูดไทยนิดหน่อย chãn pûud Thai níd-nòy = I speak Thai a little bit.

Demonstrative pronouns

These pronouns refer to a specific noun. In English, they are This, That, Those and These

  • นี่ nîi = This
  • นั่น nâan = That
  • พวกนี้ phûak-níi = These
  • พวกนั้น phûak-nan = Those

BE CAREFUL!: นี่ (nîi) with a falling tone is a pronoun while นี้ (níi) with a high tone is an adjective.

Please note that the word พวก (phûak) means "group of". Therefore when พวก (phûak) leads a noun, it turns the noun to be plural.

For example for the adjective:

  • คนนี้ khon níi = This person
  • คนพวกนี้ khon phûak-níi = These people

For example for the pronoun:

  • ฉันเอานี่ chǎn aw nîi = I want this.
  • นี่คือซูซาน nîi khue Susan = This is Susan.

Review: Vocabulary

  • Foods, drinks, and animals
  • Essential Verbs
  • Adverb of quantity
  • Demonstrative Pronoun

Note: please practice Quizlet Chapter 2/1 for nouns and 2/2 for essential verbs

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