Chapter 1.2: Sentence Structure

Chapter 2.2

sà-wàt-dii kâ nák-riian สวัสดีค่ะนักเรียน,

Have you reviewed the vocabulary from the last lesson? If yes, let's continue with a grammar topic.

In this video lesson, you will learn Thai Grammar about "Sentence Structure" which is the core knowledge to help you construct sentences on your own. It's very important to learn how to construct a sentence properly from the beginning of your Thai learning journey so you will be able to express yourself in a proper sentence so Thais will surely understand you better.

New Vocabulary

Pizza = /phíd-zâa/ พิซซ่า

To eat = /kin/ กิน

To come = /maa/ มา

Summary on sentence structure

  1. Statement = Subject + verb
  2. Negative = Subject + ไม่ (mây) + verb
  3. Question = Subject + verb + ..... + ไหม (mǎy)

In reality, Thais like to skip the subject when talking casually. However, I would highly recommend you to ALWAYS mention the subject and stick to the sentence structure rules as much as possible to avoid any misunderstanding when starting to learn Thai.


  • ไหม (mǎy) has a rising tone and it's a question word while ไม่ (mây) falling tone is a negation, not.
  • ไหม (mǎy), a question word, can be replaced by มั้ย (máy) with a high tone in spoken language.

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