Introduction to Thai Script (Best to start with)

Must watch before starting the course!

Before jumping into the first lesson or learning Thai consonant, it's better to get prepared and notice of what you will go though with this course in order to master Thai scripts. You know learn smartly!

This course has a few main chapters with simplified knowledge and grouped in small contents to make it easy for you to follow with. The main contents includes:

  • Thai consonants
  • Thai vowels
  • Live/Dead syllables
  • Thai tone marks
  • Thai tone rules
  • Essential rules and exceptions
  • Essential Thai marks and symbols

In this video, I will walk you though the whole course, introduce you main contents briefly and highlight important details or key takeaway. So you will get to see the overview of the course as well as be ready to start with your first Thai lesson with confidence.

Thai script is not easy but it's possible and manageable to master when you're walking on the right track! Hope you have a good start with this course.

Best wishes, Kru Smuk (Your Thai teacher)

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