Low class consonant 1

Note: Before continue with this lesson, you should be able to remember the 9 middle class consonants as well as 2 vowels: สระอะ and สระอา from the previous lesson.

Another 10 consonants from Low Class1

Low class consonants are categorised into two groups:

  1. Low Class Consonant Group 1 (with unique initial consonant sounds)
  2. Low Class Consonant Group 2 (share initial consonant sounds with High Class Consonants)

Today you will be learning the Low class consonants group 1 and two more vowels:

  • ง ย ญ น ​ณ ม ว ร ล ฬ
  • สระอิ and สระอี

Part 1: Video Lesson

Key Takeaways

  • Common consonants are ง ย น ม ว ร ล
  • When these consonants are ending consonants, they have nasal sound or soft ending = live syllable (taught in chapter 2)
  • สระอิ (short -i sound)
  • สระอี (long -ii sound)


  • Fill the magic table. Solutions for the exercise as well as Thai audio are below.
  • Memorize the low-class consonants (group 1) with Quizlet flashcards.
  • Play the Wordwall game to practice matching the Low-Class Consonant Group 1.

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