Program instruction

What is provided in this program?

  • 10 stories of khun Michael (Beginner level for reading)
  • Reading guide to explain words as well as provide tips to read Thai properly
  • List of vocabulary written in Thai and karaoke with English translation
  • Thai audios for each story
  • A grammar note with examples you can learn from each story
  • Exercise with the solution at the end of each story to review what you've learned.

5 Steps to improve your reading Thai with program

  1. Learn to read Thai with Kru Smuk (Reading Guide Video)
  2. Learn vocabulary on the next page (Thai audios)
  3. Study Grammar note
  4. Do exercise to test your understanding
  5. Practice reading Thai as a form/picture quickly (Speed up your Thai session)

How long to finish this book?

It will take you around 60 minutes to go through each story and exercise without rushing. I will not recommend you to finished half of the book in a go, instead take your time and learn regularly. You can aim to finish 3 stories per week. So you can master this book within a month.

Any lower-level program?

If you feel frustrated with this level or cannot yet read most of the words, I would recommend you to review or enroll in the Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading course in order to build a good foundation of reading Thai skills. This course is designed to help students keep practicing. It should be challenging to keep it interesting but not frustrating.

If I have a question?

If you ever have any questions regarding the story, vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation, you can easily comment below each story. I will get back to your questions and feedback within 24 hours (on weekdays). Again, I am always here to help!

Good luck! Click here to start with the character introduction

Kru Smuk,

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