The best tool to help you keep improving your Thai Reading skills

  • Read all 20 short interesting daily stories of Michael, a foreigner who lives in Bangkok
  • Expand basic Thai vocabulary
  • Listen to Thai audios to help you read and improve your Thai pronunciation
  • Learn a highlighted grammar topic in each story
  • Do exercise to build more confidence
  • Best for students who completed the Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading Course

Example Reading Guide Video

This video is part of the program. Kru Smuk will help you read and translate the whole story word by word as well as provide you reading tips.

List of the 20 stories from both programs

Thai audio library

Access Thai audios of each story or download them to your device to listen to later. These audios will help you read and get the correct pronunciation.

Easy access with QR Codes

Each page provide QR code to access to mp.3 audio of the particular content you want within a few second.

In-book exercises

After learning vocabulary, it's time to test your comprehensive understanding with an exercise at the end of each story. Each exercise comes with a solution.

Get the full package of book 1 & book 2


How to get started with the bundle?

Once you have enrolled in the program, you can log in with your email and password. You will be able to choose to access the 2 Read Thai Exercise programs. I would recommend you to start with Book 1.

Once you've downloaded and printed out your books then you can:

First, learn how to read the whole story with my video lesson.

Second, listen to the Thai audios and review vocabulary

Third, speed up your reading with exercises to recognize words quickly.

Which level of student does this book require?

This course best suits upper-beginner students who already know the middle-range vocabulary used in daily life (500 words).

You must be able to read basic Thai words already. I would recommend you complete the Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading course before taking this program.

Can I download materials for offline usage?

Definitely, you can! Once you buy this course and log in to your student account, you can download both e-book and Thai audios to your devices. The video lessons are available to watch online.

Please note that all work and materials are subjected to copyright. Do not distribute information or rewrite this program without any permission and written agreement.