Beginning consonant sounds

Let’s start with the most fundamental. Let’s pronounce each consonant sounds correctly starting from the originations of sounds and I will also highlight and give tips to pronounce consonant sounds that do not exist in English which are จ, ง, ต, ป, and ร. 

Key takeaways

  • When pronouncing a consonant sound, you have to be mindful of where the sound originated.
  • Many sounds exist in English or even in your language, but the ones that are challenging for many students are ร, ป, ต, and ง sounds.
  • ร(r) sound can be replaced by ล(l) sounds if it's a beginning consonant.
  • ป(pb) sounds similar to บ(b) but there is more tension on the lips. Basically, you press your lips stronger.
  • ต(dt) sounds similar to ด(d) but there is more tension when pronouncing.
  • ง(ng) sound originated in the soft palate (where ก "g" sound is made), so your tongue will not touch the hard palate or the middle roof of your mouth.
  • ง(ng) sound is a nasal sound in which there is air or sound that comes from the nose. You have to breathe out slightly.

I hope this lesson is helpful for you. Please share with me what you think in the comment below.

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